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NAVITAS CONSULTING has expertise and proven experience in Industrial Asset Management, that is, assets that are part of a productive value chain, whether in continuous processes, manufacturing, or utilities, including industries from different productive sectors, such as:

Oil and Gas (upstream/midstream/downstream), Polyducts, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Electric Energy (generation/transmission/distribution), Steel, Metallurgy, Manufacturing, Mining, Aircraft, Trains, Vessels, Food, Beverages, etc.

Our consulting and implementation services include planning, coordinating, facilitating, training, and managing corporate projects, including:

- Structuring of the organization for the management of industrial assets, including implementation of ISO-55000/PAS-55


- Taxonomy of reliability data collection (adequacy of the existing structure)


- Specific Scorecards (performance tables) for monitoring operational reliability and respective KPIs (performance indicators)

- Reliability-centered Maintenance (SAE JA-1011/JA-1012; ISO-31000)

Rethink, innovate, maximize, and guarantee the results of your projects related to Industrial Asset Management.

Take it further!

We can provide technical services in the

U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, etc.

We speak English, Portuguese, and Spanish

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