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Our Valued Partners

At NAVITAS CONSULTING, we recognize that true excellence is often achieved through collaboration with trusted third-party organizations.


These partnerships have been instrumental in our journey towards industrial excellence, and we are proud to highlight some of our key collaborators:

TYPESOL Energy Solutions: Our alliance with TYPESOL Energy Solutions represents a synergy of expertise in the energy sector, where we work together to drive innovation and maximize asset performance.


Oceaneering: Our partnership with Oceaneering, a recognized leader in offshore solutions, allows us to combine strengths in asset management to ensure reliability and efficiency in challenging environments.


Leviticus Subsea: Leviticus Subsea is more than a partner; it's a platform for sharing knowledge in a collaborative environment. Together, we provide technical learning and development solutions for the upstream oil and gas industry, ensuring the sector remains at the forefront of expertise.

SPES Engenharia de Sistemas: As a CMMS developer and implementer, SPES Engenharia de Sistemas is a cornerstone partner in our commitment to efficient and reliable asset management solutions. Our collaboration enhances our capabilities in software-driven asset management, elevating the value we offer to our clients.


PDCA - Consultoria em Qualidade: Partnering with PDCA - Consultoria em Qualidade extends our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, aligning our practices with the highest industry standards.

These strategic alliances underscore our dedication to staying at the forefront of industrial asset management. By working closely with these esteemed partners, we ensure that our solutions are innovative, reliable, and in sync with industry best practices.

We deeply value these relationships and the unique expertise they bring to our projects. Together, we are reshaping the landscape of industrial asset management, fostering innovation, and delivering exceptional value to our clients.

If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities with NAVITAS CONSULTING, please contact us. We eagerly anticipate the prospect of forging new collaborations to further elevate industrial excellence.

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