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Industrial Asset Management

NAVITAS CONSULTING offers expertise, strategic consultancy, and implementation services in Asset Management and Reliability for companies willing to achieve a sustainable and improved level of performance for their industrial assets.

During the operating/maintaining phase of the asset's life cycle, it is essential to have capabilities, that can ensure cohesion to manage a significant number of failure modes/causes, by preventing, reducing, or mitigating their consequences to acceptable levels, as well as to avoid exposing the business to extreme financial risks or those with even more drastic consequences (for instance, the occurrence of fatalities and/or serious environmental impacts).

Therefore, as the complexity of the new generation of physical assets grows rapidly, not only due to new technologies (e.g., robotics, AI, sensors, IoT, controls, quality requirements) the contexts in which they operate (e.g., just-in- time, regulatory requirements, standardization, globalization, liabilities, etc.), it is crucial to take in consideration the need for a top level organization that can be the responsible to translate the strategic corporate plans into tactical and operational plans to ensure corporate alignment for the asset management systems in place, ensuring continuous improvement and the effectiveness of failure consequences mitigation at acceptable levels.

Some critical aspects should be considered when continuously improving the corporate environment and systems that should meet these many risk factors, by creating a sustainable and effective asset management system that may include features, such as:

Organization: design and implementation of an asset management organization as part of the top management (corporate leadership).

Reliability Policies: define and select methods, standards, and processes to develop reliability policies for asset risk mitigation, such as Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM), Risk- Based Inspection (RBI), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

- Reliability Processes: facilitate and audit reliability policies development and implementation, data quality control processes, management of change, and data integrity.

Reliability Data Management: facilitate and audit data specification, data quality, and databases integration and interfaces for the various systems in place (e.g., CMMS, APM, SCADA, DCS).

- Metrics: facilitate and audit implementation of specialized reliability Scorecards and KPIs.

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